The best place to begin is where you are now.


Emotional Fitness is about strengthening awareness of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.  It's not to dwell in the past or worry about the future, but to transcend the patterns in the mind so that every day you are experiencing a brighter and more authentic you.

What is Emo Free Fit?


Emo Free Fit is a practice of developing self awareness, emotional intelligence and understanding ourselves and our reality.

  We see emotional fitness as important as physical fitness.


On our website you can learn more about: Emotional Freedom Technique, Yoga, and Classes.

Tools in our Emotional Fitness Toolbox

Emotional Freedom Technique

Therapeutic Hypnosis

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching


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 "Jen takes the time to listen to talk with you first ALWAYS, and intuitively knows what type of - or combination of treatment types - will best serve you. She certainly has a special gift, and I feel fortunate and grateful to be on the receiving end of her gift. My body has never felt better since working with Jen. She has a wealth of knowledge she shares too, beyond our sessions. Jen is a born healer. And a beautiful person.

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